All registrations have been closed.

 Deadline of hotel registration is 
 October 31  November 6, 2023 
 at 18:00 p.m. (JST). 

 Deadline of presentation registration is 
 October 31  November 6, 2023 
 at 18:00 p.m. (JST). 

 Deadline of abstract is 
 November 10, 2023 
 at 18:00 p.m. (JST). 

For invited participants

Invited participants can register for the conference. All participants will present posters and some will be selected for oral presentations. The following three registrations are required to attend the conference.

Hotel registration(JTB)

Registration for presentation(photo registration)

Abstract Registration

Please be sure to complete your registration by the deadline.

Instructions for Preparation and Submission of Presentation Registration and your Photo

To register your presentation, please send e-mail the following items with attached your photo file to .

  • Name:
  • Affiliations:
  • E-mail:
  • Presenting title:
  • Preferred presentation type: poster / poster and oral
  • Category: (Please select one or more possible categories.)
    1. Frontiers in synthetic Biology
    2. Methodologies in Synthetic Biology
    3. Protein engineering
    4. Cellular engineering
    5. Metabolic engineering
    6. Genome engineering
    7. Synthetic Biology & Industrialization
    8. Synthetic Biology & Future
  • Other remarks:

Instructions for Preparation and Submission of Abstracts

  • Prepare your abstract in Microsoft Word.
  • Prepare your abstract in English.
  • Use the presenter’s last name as the document file name for your abstract.
  • Abstract title should appear in BOLD, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, in 12-point Times New Roman Font. Remaining text should appear in 12-point Times New Roman Font.
  • Please list the authors and affiliations directly under the title, separated by one empty line, and followed on additional lines as necessary. Underline the name of the presenting author.
  • Separate the authors/affiliations and beginning of the abstract narrative by one empty line.
  • For each author give the forename followed by the surname.
  • Indicate each author’s affiliation with a superscript numeral following the surname.
  • Abstract should not exceed 1 page 1.5-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman.
  • Abstract narrative must be clear and concise, and checked for correctness of spelling and grammar in advance of submission.
  • Each submitted abstract should only have one presenting author.

Click HERE to download a sample abstract document (in Microsoft Word), which can be used for formatting purposes.

To submit your abstract, please send e-mail to with attached abstract file.

Instructions for Oral Presentation

Bring your own presentation data or own laptop computer

In the following cases, please bring your own laptop computer.

  • If you are using a Macintosh
  • If your presentation includes video
  • When using the presenter's tool


Please preview your slides before your presentation. For preview, please come to the operator's desk [next to the podium at the front left side of the room] before the start of your presentation session or during breaks (or after the last session of the previous day, if you are presenting at a session starting at 9:00 AM)

Before your presentation

When the previous presentation starts, please come to the same operator's desk as the preview, connect your PC, and wait for the next presentation.

During presentation

When the presenter steps up to the podium, the operator will project the presentation data on the screen. Please operate the equipment on the podium by yourself. The keypad and mouse are available on the podium.

[A] If you bring your own presentation data

  • (1) Please bring your presentation data on a USB memory stick.
  • (2) The operator will copy the data to the server. The organizer will be responsible for deleting the copied data after the session.

PC specifications provided

One projection screen will be provided, and a Windows PC (Windows 11, PowerPoint 2021) and a projector will be available at the venue. Slide size of 16:9 is recommended, but 4:3 is also acceptable.

[B] If you bring your own PC

  • (1) If you use a Macintosh, please bring your own laptop.
  • (2) The connection to the LCD projector is via HDMI or Mini D-sub15 external output terminal. Please confirm the type of the external output terminal on your PC and whether or not an output is available. If you need a special conversion adapter, please bring it with you.
  • (3) Be sure to bring an AC adapter to prevent the battery from running out.
  • (4) After the preview, please come to the PC operator's seat 20 minutes before your scheduled presentation time, and hand your PC over to a staff member. The staff will connect the cables and check the external output.
  • (5) If you have set a password for startup, please unlock it.
  • (6) Please make sure that your PC is set to suspend mode (sleep, energy-saving setting) and that the screen saver is not activated.

Instructions for Preparation Poster Session

  • Size for printing poster is within 850mm(width) x 2050mm(height).
    (The width is approximately the size as A0.)
  • Print by yourself and attach it to the designated location.